Consumer Debt Options Calculator

This is the do it yourself Debt Repayment Calculator. This tool helps you get en estimate of the options available to you in debt consolidation, debt settlement, chapter 7 or chapter 13. It analyzes the 4 major options available to you. Disclaimer: This analysis is a fair representation of your options and legal costs may vary due to the complexity and variables of each case. This analysis is only an estimate.

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Debt Management Plan (DMP) aka Credit Counseling - 100% Repayment  (Good Faith Estimate)


Debt Settlement Plan (DSP) aka Debt Negotiation - 50% Repayment  (Good Faith Estimate)

Monthly Payments Legal & Negotiation Fees are in the monthly payments


Chapter 7 aka Debt Cancellation - 0% Repayment  (Good Faith Estimate)


Chapter 13 (3-5 Years) aka Debt Reorganization 100% to 10% Repayment  (Good Faith Estimate)*

Without Federal Interest 100% 50% 10%
With 4% Federal Interest 100% 50% 10%


  Total Payment
Option #1 100% CMP
Option #2 Debt Settlement
Option #3 Chapter 7
Option #4 Chapter 13